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Working like partying!

SMEC, want a staff as a "Communication Manager"

What you should do is to encourage people to make a good conversation.

Our mission is "to connect people through communication for a good life in Kobe."
So, we hope you like communication and to make people fun.

We recruit 

  ・Over 20 years old 

  ・Foreigners who lives in Kobe. 

  ・Someone who like to talk with people.


In concrete terms, your job is

  • take the orders from every participants and serve drinks to them.

  • manage every table's situations. 

  • join a conversation and make it fun.

  • see off every participants.

As a staff, you have to take care of the guests.
But, you also one of the guests.

So, we'd like you to enjoy working and talking with them.

If you are interested in this recruit, please contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you.



  • recruitment of occupation :communication manager

  • applicant eligibility : you can speak English / welcome from any country

  • workplace: Motomachi station (Kobe)

  • work time: 10am~1:30pm(every Saturday)

  • Salary: 3,000 yen (a day : 3h and a little more to prepare & clean up)

  • recruitment number: 3 people

  • benefit: free drink/ bonus when we have more than 25 guests

  • ​adoption process: interview 


If you join SMEC for the first time.

Please contact us anytime!

※Sorry. Now we can't welcome  people who  younger than 20 & over than 40 years old.

1. Send the form below, we reply during the day.

  • Please write your comment in Message box.

  • ex, why you are interested in our SMEC ....etc.

2. Check the location and come and join.


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